When comparing our tools with other competitive products, you'll notice the difference with Turbo Heatwelding Tools. Ours are sleek, sturdy, and comfortable. When you use these tools the real fun begins. There speed, agility and responsivness gives you perfect performance every time. Attack your next resilient project with Turbo Heatwelding Tools.

Complete Line of Tools

Turbo Heatwelding Tools provides a product for every resilient heatwelding situation. Products include the Turbo groover which is 50% faster than electric grooves, it grooves all the way to the wall, no dust, no noise, plus much more!

Our Turbo plane doesn't mark floors, has angled blades for a flush cut, and is adjustable to work on all floors. The launch of our new Turbo Caddy has been a huge hit within the United States. It allows you to weld 12 feet per minute, can use optional 1/2 round rods, works with Leister or Zinser guns, light and compact, and makes perfect welds every time. Our Super Turbo nozzle allows you to weld 10 feet per minute with its multiple Pre-Heating Systems!

Top Recognition Within The Industry

We are proud to have a established a top notch reputation for customer service, support, and quality products. A matter of fact, Turbo Heatwelding Tools are currently being used within the nations top heatwelding schools.

Where can I get Turbo Heatwelding Tools?

Call us toll free at 1-877-US-TURBO. All of our products are backed with a lifetime warranty plus a 30 day money back guarantee! Call Today!