Three years ago, a group of the leading distributors of installation supplies saw a true need to reach installers and dealers across the nation as one source of quality products for the flooring contractor. Forming as the Floor Covering Distributor Alliance, the distributors created the POWERHOLD brand and linked with premier manufacturers who could work with the specifications needed for the installation needs of today's flooring products. Combining the research technologies of the manufacturers with the technical expertise of the best distributor counter sales personnel, the POWERHOLD label has become the fastest growing brand of quality installation products in the nation.

Today, the POWERHOLD label can be found on 3 multipurpose adhesives, resilient, ultra-white resilient, VCT, cove base, and pressure sensitive adhesives. The POWERHOLD line includes all purpose patch, patch skim coat, ultra finish and latex additives. You'll find POWERHOLD tack strip and arctic birch underlayment in the lineup of superior products. POWERHOLD includes floor covering trims in aluminum and vinyl. The POWERHOLD brand is on nails, staples and blades as well as 7 different types of hot melt tapes. To protect the final installation, POWERHOLD offers surface protection products as well. And the line continues to grow as installer needs for better products continue to grow.

The rapid acceptance of the POWERHOLD brand is due in no small part to the expert technicians behind the sales counters of the POWERHOLD distributors:

• Big D Floor Covering Supplies

• Bixco, Inc.

• Blakely Products

• Clark Flooring Solutions

• The Cronin Company

• Tom Duffy Company

• L.Fishman & Son

• Hanks Specialties

• Inland Northwest Distributing

• Professional Flooring Supply

• Professional Trade Supply

• Sales Master Associates

• Shoreline Flooring Supplies

• Space Flooring

These 14 distributors comprise over 150 branches across the United States. This means that if your job takes you into new territory, you'll have access to a familiar brand you know you can trust and at a fair price.

2003 saw the addition of 18 new POWERHOLD products and many new branches to purchase them at. There must be a reason for this solid growth. Check with your nearest POWERHOLD distributor and find out why.

POWERHOLD : Product. People. Places. Value Pricing.