Recently there have been numerous announcements and advertisements by companies touting the use of antimicrobial agents in their floor covering and tile installation products. At MAPEI, concern for the environmental impact of our products is more than a trend; it is a fundamental part of our philosophy, corporate commitment and industrial responsibility.

For over 5 years MAPEI has been adding antimicrobial agents to selected products in our ECO line of Floor Covering Installation Systems. In 2004 we will also be adding an antimicrobial agent to the Keracolor and Ultracolor® grouts and Keracaulk in our Tile and Stone Installation Systems.

To increase awareness, MAPEI will be adding the BioBlock logo to the packaging for these products. The BioBlock logo indicates that antimicrobial agents will inhibit the growth of mold and mildew in the adhesive, grout, or caulk in both the wet and dry states. Because BioBlock protects the floor covering adhesive in the dry state, it can increase the life of an installation, resulting in a reduced number of callbacks and out of pocket expenses for installers and contractors.

Grouts containing BioBlock can be mixed with the simple addition of water. The mold inhibitor is already present in the powder, eliminating the need to add a second component. Discoloration of the grout due to mold growth will be reduced, especially in moist areas like showers and kitchen sinks, enhancing customer satisfaction with the tile installation and improving contractors' reputations.

Over the years, MAPEI has been devoted to the quality of its products and services to meet our customers' needs. With laboratories in the United States, Canada, and Italy, we continue to set the technology standard in the floor covering installation products industry. MAPEI offers the largest network of locations to ensure short delivery times, and a large inventory of products to ensure you have what you need to do the best job!

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