Seam Master Industries is the oldest manufacturer of hot melt carpet seaming tape in the world. Our state of the art equipment has been producing a complete line of quality tapes for over 34 years. Our tapes are sold in all 50 states and around the world.

Seam Master's motto, "When better tapes are needed we will make them" is our credo. Through the years we have been known as the most innovative manufacturer in the industry. Most of the tape improvements that we have introduced have been copied by our competitors for the general good of the installer. Here are a few of the innovative products we were the first to come out with: Knitted scrim with looped ends to prevent "tunneling" when stretched; Rows of hot melt beads on a thin base of hot melt; Tape with a silicon release back; A tape with foil under the hot melt; Back tape without a paper backing; Six inch wide tape to control peaking in certain carpets.

We are structured to be a very flexible company with two lines of tape and many different kinds and qualities of tape in each line. We have our own Seam Master tapes sold under the names of The Gripers, Hi-Tech, Golden Nugget and Grip-Loc. We also have our private labeled tapes that are sold under the names of other manufacturers or distributors.

We are very proud and honored to have served the floor covering industry for over 35 years. We have constantly tried to improve our products and services to our customers and give the installer something better to seam with. A good example of this is our newest tapes BB-30 and BB-50. These tapes are 3 inches wide, have 11 beads of hot melt and an extra heavy bead in the center.

All of our products are very competitively priced. If you compare the quality points of our tapes with our competitors, you will conclude that Seam Master gives more value for the price.

If you would like a line of tapes with your company name on them or would like to become an authorized Seam Master distributor, please contact us.

TEL # 1-800-255-1401
FAX # 323-569-3040