A good floor is the result of a quality product and professional installation. A similar partnership exists between the carpet's components - superior fibers and a well-designed backing are the crucial ingredients.

With two new premium backings, BP Carpet Backings is making everybody look good. PolyBac® Stitch Lock and PolyBac® Berber are the two newest products that assure the highest construction standards for today's popular market.

Both PolyBac Stitch Lock, created for high-end loop carpets needing extra stitch security during wet processing, and PolyBac Berber, designed for textured low stitch-rate loop and cut-pile berbers, are part of BP's innovation tradition. BP prides itself on a close relationship with manufacturers and products that respond to their needs.

"BP has a history of customer-responsive product innovation," says John Dowdell, general manager of North American Carpet Backings. "PolyBac Stitch Lock and PolyBac Berber are both specific solutions to customer needs."

PolyBac® Stitch Lock improves greige goods stitch lock up to 30 percent. This means that as a highly stable primary backing, PolyBac Stitch Lock holds tufted carpet fibers in place with increased stability. This is especially important in carpets going through wet processing. The carpet's pattern stays true, making pattern matching easier and, therefore, installation goes smoother.

PolyBac Berber provides a similar service for berber-style carpets. Berber carpet designs are an ever-growing choice for their stylish flexibility. PolyBac Berber is a cost-effective option that enhances texture and improves manufacturing processing for these unique carpets.

BP Carpet Backings works with its customers to develop products targeting specific design segments of the market. Performance driven, progressive, innovative and green. BP is one of the world's largest petroleum and petrochemicals companies, with 100,000+ employees and annual revenues of $120 billion.

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