This spring, the “quiet giants” of the floor covering installation community will be gathering to learn and network with other industry leaders at the Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association Convention, “Investment In Learning,” in New Orleans, March 27-31, at the Chateau Sonesta Hotel.

The heart of the FCICA will be present, working hard to provide the education and benefits its membership deserves. This includes both the associate and supporting members; two halves working as one make the FCICA that much stronger. The membership’s commitment to action is reinforced at the convention, continuing to inspire some of the highest levels of dedication to professionalism and excellence found anywhere in the installation industry. Here is where you will find the “quiet giants” of the FCICA.

Investigate the numbers that make up this organization, both in revenue and membership. The FCICA members are not spending their time talking about what they are going to do; they are out there doing it in their respective regions. It is not just the leadership that makes an organization grow and prosper, it is the activity of its membership that truly defines an association’s success. Each day spent working to improve the chances for a sound and positive future for everyone working in our industry is a successful day, whether it is spent recruiting and training new installers; communicating valuable product information; offering assistance in completing projects; or simply operating in the most positive and professional manner.

The message delivered by the actions of the dedicated professionals who compose the FCICA cannot be ignored. The poise and professionalism with which they handle their business, and protect their clients and customers, is what makes the difference. You need to meet these people. You need to join them, network with them, and help them continue to raise the performance bar for the floor covering installation industry. They are not just talking about it. They are doing it!

Remember, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” Meet the “quiet giant” that is the FCICA. For more information, or to join us at convention, call 877-TO-FCICA or visit the website at