The consumer who walks into a flooring retailer has plenty to choose from. Most consumers lack flooring knowledge and need the retailer to answer their questions. The question that I wanted answered is whether or not retailers consistently provide consumers with the information necessary to make them feel comfortable with their purchase.

I had the opportunity to spend time with a consumer who wanted to re-carpet a portion of her home, approximately 200 square yards. She had already spent thousands on new porcelain tile and oak stair banisters.

The most important step, I informed her, is quality installation. Purchasing a floor covering is the easy part; it’s the end result that matters. The relationship between her and the retailer played an important role. Jonathon Sedighi at Carpet Galleria in Simi Valley, Calif. provided a level of comfort for this particular consumer. He educated her on the different styles of carpet, but more importantly he promoted the importance of quality installation.

He had a five-day window in which to get the carpet shipped and installed. Personally, I was a bit skeptical. The installation was scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. on a Friday. I showed up right at 9:30; there was a roll of carpet on the driveway and the installation crew (one of them a CFI-certified installer) was already hard at work on the stairwell.

I remained at the home to observe and take pictures. I paid close attention to the stairwell installation. Considering that the homeowner spent a lot of money on these new oak banisters, I wanted to see if any damage was going to be done to them. Well, no damage was done, and the stairs came out beautifully.

The rest of the rooms were done superbly. There were no noticeable seams within the master bedroom or doorways. However, I felt bad for these installers, who had to move heavy furniture in order to continue with the installation. It is no wonder that most installers leave the profession due to their legs or backs blowing out.

Bottom line, the consumer felt great and loved the end results. Not only did she have a pleasant experience with the retailer, but she felt comfortable with the installers as well. Consumer interaction with the installer happens on a daily basis. If an installer is properly educated and treated with a high-level of respect, he or she can help answer questions asked and make the consumer feel comfortable and at ease.

Last note, retailers and manufacturers need to be more conscientious regarding the installation process. The teamwork between this particular retailer and his installation crew was phenomenal. Promote professionalism and you will be rewarded.