LANCASTER, Pa., Nov. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Armstrong Laminate Flooring with the ArmaLock Installation System is a winner in the prestigious Popular Mechanics 2002 Design & Engineering Awards, announced Editor-in-Chief Joe Oldham.

Armstrong is the only flooring manufacturer to receive this honor. The Awards recognize innovation, invention, design and engineering in the five fields covered editorially: automotive, technology, home improvement, outdoors, and science. The 17 winners are featured in the December issue of Popular Mechanics magazine.

This year's Design & Engineering Award winners run the gamut from a portable human organ-preservation system to a highly energy-efficient clothes washer/dryer; from a process that converts old car tires into fuel to the ``glueless'' locking-laminate flooring.

``Our Design & Engineering Award is the highest honor we can bestow. And our editors were particularly stingy this year, in that only 17 recipients were chosen. The winners are truly the best of the best,'' says Oldham.

Armstrong Laminate Flooring with the ArmaLock Installation System offers a glueless, locking profile, which is precision-engineered for long-term performance. This mechanical locking system is another option to the traditional glued tongue-and-groove joint, offering a strong, precise joint that will not come apart. In addition, the ArmaLock installation system allows for a perfectly aligned installation, eliminating the alignment difficulties that may occur during a glued installation.