At the recent Floor Covering Installation Contractor Association Convention in San Diego, CA, a name was given to the image of the installer on the cover of the FIT (Floorcovering Installation Training) Curriculum.

To understand why the name of this particular installer is important, you must go back to the beginning. The original FIT curriculum was developed in 1982, and completely revamped in 1999. As technology and the need for quality installation (especially with development of new products) has increased, FIT, under the oversight of the FCICA, has adapted to these changes and been modified to reflect new trends in the flooring industry. Obviously, the FIT installer had to have a name that evolved with the generations.

The current FIT program is designed for evolution. That is why it was put together as a three-year subscription. The FCICA has a FIT committee, and task force committees made up of contractors and suppliers from all over the country, who continuously work to improve and update the current program. Involvement is open to any FCICA member who would like to contribute their knowledge or expertise. If you are a FIT subscriber, these updates are automatically sent to you. That means you can train workers in your business supplemented by on-the-job training instead of sending them out for a couple of days to a class that will possibly make them “certified.”

No, the FIT program is not a “certification.” It is a comprehensive training program that starts with the basic history of flooring and takes installers through the basics of proper installation. In-house training allows you to regulate the speed at which an installer goes through the program. In-house training creates loyalty as well. Who wouldn’t want to take the time to train someone who will be with you for years?

So how do you go about naming something that means so much to the floor covering industry? Among the many entries received, one stood out as a time-tested symbol of what the FIT program and FCICA stood for. “Izzie,” named by Marty Murdoch of M.E. Sabosik Associates, Point Pleasant, New Jersey. The theory behind the name is a series of questions one would ask of an installer such as “Izzie” reliable? “Izzie” conscientious? “Izzie” a professional? “Izzie” trained? and ultimately the biggest questions, “Izzie” a FCICA member? and “Izzie” a FIT user?

“Izzie” and the curriculum he represents, the FCICA FIT curriculum, will grow to be the connection for professionals looking for qualified installation. People will begin to recognize ‘Izzie’ and the FCICA logo, and associate them with excellence in installation. The commitment current subscribers have made to implement proper and continued education will also ‘raise the bar’ for the floor covering installation in general, and as a trade, provide a worthwhile standard of living.

Meet “Izzie” and the FIT Curriculum Committee. Join the FCICA today and subscribe for the pursuit of installation excellence. Complete FIT packages are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. You can check us out at www.fcica.com or call us a 1-877-TO-FCICA.