The Wood Flooring Manufacturer's Association (NOFMA) will hold its second Certified Wood Flooring Inspectors Course, July 19-23 in Memphis at the Agricenter International. The five-day course is limited to 20 participants. The course is intended for floor covering inspectors, home inspectors, and those in wood flooring-related businesses.

Prerequisites for the course include a minimum of high school education plus two years of college, as well as at least three years experience as a floor covering inspector, wood flooring distributor, manufacturer or contractor, or a building/remodeling contractor. In addition, candidates must have received a Certificate of Completion for the NOFMA Hardwood Flooring Installation school offered twice yearly in Memphis.

In addition, NOFMA will hold a Wood Flooring Installation school co-sponsored by the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association, Sept. 20-24 in Memphis. For more information, call (901) 526-5016.