What do you support? Why do you support it? Throughout our lives, we are called on to support various causes, beliefs, organizations, and opinions. Have you ever given any thought to how much time you spend supporting organizations that benefit you?

Let’s look at a couple and see how you stack up:

How about the parent-teacher association? If you have children and do not currently support the PTA, why not? What about your local neighborhood watch? It is your neighborhood they are working to keep safe.

There are a wide variety of groups, organizations, and associations vying for your support as a parent, a homeowner, and as a consumer. But what about the value of your support as it applies to your profession?

Do you, as an installer, give your full support to any organization that is trying, under difficult circumstances, and often without adequate funding, to improve installation training and make it readily available to the industry?

There are two excellent organizations that I would recommend joining. The International Certified Floorcovering Installers Association (CFI) is an organization for all individual installers, regardless if you are an independent contractor, or an employee of a floor covering installation firm. The Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association (FCICA) is primarily for installation contractors who employ installers and contract for floor covering installation projects. In the past, these firms would have been known as carpet workrooms. There may be other, local associations that are trying to improve training opportunities for the installer as well.

Check them out. The membership fees and annual dues are relatively small, and the annual conventions are a must for any professional installer. These organizations may offer their members a number of beneficial opportunities, including access to insurance packages and referral services, as well as technical support assistance from other members and their associates.

The membership of the Floor Installation Association of North America certainly applauds and supports the efforts of these organizations. It is important that you, the installer, support them as well. After all, they are trying very hard to provide access to the installation training that you need, thereby supporting YOU.

To learn more about the CFI, call (816) 231-4646. For more information about the FCICA, call (248) 661-5015.