The first meeting of the Inter-Industry Working Group on Concrete Floor Issues, "Building Bridges to Better Floors," was organized and hosted recently by Construction Technology Laboratories (CTL); and co-sponsored by the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC), Hanley-Wood LLC, and the Strategic Development Council (SDC) of the ACI Concrete Research and Education Foundation.

Representatives from 10 flooring and contractor trade organizations and eight construction-related technical societies and trade associations attended, as well as manufacturers of underlayments, floor coverings, flooring adhesives and concrete finishing equipment. Architects, engineers, contractors, testing firms and materials producers were also represented.

The driving force of the meeting was the desire to reduce the high costs associated with callbacks, claims and litigation by developing methods for producing better floors. Participants first discussed the state of their industries and their concerns. In small-group workshops, they developed lists of needs and action plans in four subject areas -- specifications; construction practices; testing for moisture, pH, flatness and levelness; and flooring and concrete product performance.

In addition to delineating technical issues, workshop groups also determined which organizations should take the lead in solving specific problems. Suggested action plans are meant to lead to further interaction in faciliating research, revising to documents, and other activities to solve floor system problems.

A report of the meeting will be issued by CTL in June. For further information, telephone (847) 972-3316.