ST. LOUIS /PRNewswire/ -- Solutia Inc. has announced price increases of $0.06 per pound for all grades of Santosol dimethyl esters, including DME, DME-1, DME-2, DME-3, DMG, DMS and DMA. The changes are effective March 1.

``This price adjustment is necessary to sustain the continued process investment needed to meet the strong global growth for Santosol dimethyl esters,'' said Gary Winfield, Solutia's business manager for Santosol. ``It's also driven by the significantly increased costs for energy and raw materials which we have absorbed over the last 14 months.''

Solutia is a world leader in performance films for laminated safety glass and aftermarket applications; resins and additives for high-value coatings; specialties such as aviation hydraulic fluid and environmentally friendly cleaning solvents for aviation; an integrated family of nylon products including high-performance polymers and fibers; and process development and scale-up services for pharmaceutical fine chemicals.