CFI Report

CFI; when you hear that name today, you hear the name of an organization that is working for flooring installers. It is impossible to list all of the things that are happening. The IAP, Installation Assurance Program, has made great strides for CFI. This program is designed to provide the necessary connection between customer assurance, quality installation and a product specified to perform. IAP hit the big time in Seattle with Deloitte and Touche, one of the world's largest accounting firms, a project of B C Exchange's Dave Simon of New York City. All products involved in the project must carry the IAP Seal. Who is more qualified than Michael Elhardt, CFI Master, who is responsible for the installation? SCI's Tredmor Cushion (with the huge IAP Seal on every roll) provides the cushion and the carpets by Atlas and Masland have been assessed according to the skill required for installation.

IAP Partners -- Ardex, Armstrong, BP Carpet Backing Division, Bullet Tools, Burtco, Capitol USA, Carpet Shims, Chicago Adhesive Company, Festool, Halex Corporation, Instabind, Johnsonite, Laser Square, Mapei, Pergo, PowerCart, Premier Tape Products, ProKnee, RACATAC, Roberts/QEP, Seam Master Industries, Sinclair Equipment, Sponge Cushion Inc. and USG.

The World Floor Covering Association "Showcase of Talent and Product"is on target for completion early this year. Many of the IAP Partners are providing the finest products designed to perform. CFI Installers from everywhere have volunteered to assist with the installation. This project will stand for years as the showcase of professionalism, pride and quality products. CFI local chapters are presenting programs with which there are no comparisons for education on the local level. You are invited. CFI chapters are open to all flooring professionals and associates who are concerned with securing the latest technical information and training. And were you involved with "nstaller Holidays"on the website, sponsored by our great associates?

Certifications have been growing! Tucson's Design in Mind, owned by Leon Harrison, and Milwaukee's Floor Pro, managed by Ron Kling, kicked the year off -- from "warm" to "cold"; CFI Certifiers were there helping others.

Mohawk-DuPont began this year with the Floorscapes and Color Center Dealers submitting over 400 names for certification and training programs, and that is only in two regions. Carpet One is also sponsoring the CFI certification and training programs.

CFI stands for quality, pride and professionalism. CFI is for anyone connected with installation. CFI is not a union; it is not owned; CFI's members are individuals and businesses that are concerned that installers maintain a level playing field in this industry. Don't you want to join us? Visit the terrific website, for the latest information and technical assistance and wear the CFI logo proudly in 2003!