It's been almost two years since we introduced the Terminator 2000-e battery powered surface removal machine to the flooring industry, and I am happy to report that the battery machine continues to be well received by flooring professionals.

There was a lot of initial skepticism when we advertised that the battery powered machine would run up to 8 hours* and have virtually the same take-up capabilities as our propane powered model. However, as I like to tell our sales team, the proof is in the numbers!

Since its introduction in December 2001, sales of the battery powered Terminator have surpassed our propane powered model by over 35 percent! The key reasons customers chose the battery machine is its quiet, smooth operation and zero emissions. They were able to use the machine in occupied building or stores and not disrupt facility operations with excessive noise, heat or propane emissions! They also liked the freedom of not being tethered to a power cord.

Mr. Joe Alfaro with R.J. Allen, Inc. says, "The battery machine is very powerful and I really like how quiet it runs. It's much smoother to operate and saves us a ton of time and labor costs on our removal projects!"

Customers who own both the battery and propane powered models agreed in most cases they were able to take-up the same amount of materials in one day. On many occasions our customers said they completed their take-up jobs and still had plenty of battery life remaining.

Mr. Tony Afanador with Marcor Remediation says, "The battery machine is extremely effective and efficient. Run time has not been an issue with us. I love its quiet operation!"

The battery powered model (as well as all other Terminator models) are able to fit through standard doorways and elevators and are backed by Innovatech's one year or 300 hour warranty.

With over 10 years of proven flooring removal technology, Innovatech's Terminator line of surface removal machines are known for their quality, reliability and second to none take-up abilities. As the originators of ride-on flooring removal technology, why settle for a copycat machine? Accept no substitute. You'll be glad you chose the Terminator line of surface removal machines.

*under standard operating settings