When a person judges the quality of a tiling installation, he or she looks at the quality and craftsmanship of the job. The highest quality tile will not overcome a poor installation, especially if you are out of square. A poorly installed job affects your reputation, ability to price future work and can limit referrals.

A great builder will think ahead and anticipate the effect that an out-of-square condition will have on the finishes. That builder will also identify problems while they are still easy to fix.

For Example:

A location that depends on high-quality construction is any area that will receive a modular unit. If the modular unit does not fit with even margins, it's usually the result of an out-of-square condition. Bathtubs, shower units/vanities, entry foyers, bathroom floors (where the modular tile will be installed) are all problems if the installation is out-of-square. Perimeter tiles cut on an angle to accommodate an out-of-square wall are unsightly and give the perception of poor quality.

The 3 most common ways to check square are:

1. The framing square. This tool is too small to be effective.

2. A giant triangle cut out of a piece of plywood. This tool is way too heavy, a real pain to lug around and a waste of money because you throw it away.

3. Measuring a 3,4,5 triangle with a tape measure. This method is very time-consuming and is frequently done improperly, leading to costly mistakes.

To solve this problem for the tiling industry, C.H. Hanson introduces its aSquare model 345, a huge folding right triangle that eliminates all of the guesswork for starting out square with no chance for error. The aSquare model 345 unfolds easily and instantly snaps to a rigid 90-degree angle. When open, it measures over 4' x 4', with one-90 degree angle and two 45-degree angles. It is also lightweight and easy to use and store.

The aSquare is so convenient that quality-conscience contractors won't hesitate to check all of those critical locations. Tiling contractors and foremen all use the aSquare.

Make sure you stop by and try the aSquare at the Surfaces Show in Las Vegas in January 2004.