Creating competitive advantage can be critical in separating the winners from the also-rans in today's floor covering installation marketplace. The best flooring contractors are eager to set themselves apart from the competition and prove how good they really are.

One of the most significant competitive advantages available to floor covering installation contractor companies is certification by the Floor Covering Installation Board. FCIB-certified companies are thriving in their markets because they are the best at what they do and use the fact that their excellence has been recognized by the independent FCIB trustees as an important weapon in their marketing arsenal.

FCIB certification is meaningful because it is not easy to achieve. Certified flooring installation businesses must be rated superior in all areas of their business operation and must agree to a Ten Point Plan for Installation Excellence. The plan emphasizes fiduciary responsibility and continuing education and requires that flooring installation be backed by a two-year warranty. Certified contractors are reevaluated every two years.

Streamlined Process

Candidates for certification must complete a detailed application and a thorough review by the FCIB trustees. The amount of information required has been streamlined, without sacrificing the integrity of the program. Candidates receive results about 45 days from the filing of the application.

A new element of the program has recently been added to help certified contractors promote their businesses. Each time a contractor is certified or recertified, the FCIB trustees will issue a press release to media in the firm's local market announcing the achievement. The certified contractor is also free to send the press release to architects, specifiers and other current and potential clients.

The question that floor covering installation contractors must ask is whether their company is up to the test. Are they willing to see how they stack up against the best and, most importantly, learn where their operations can be improved so that they can become or remain the best?

Can they benefit from FCIB certification, an important marketing tool that truly distinguishes them from the competition? The answers to these questions speak volumes about a company. If the answers for your company are yes, go to the FCIB website (www.fcibcertified.com), call 248-592-FCIB or email info@fcibcertified.com for additional information on FCIB certification.