CFI is proud to announce a program designed to achieve a “hassle-free” flooring experience: the Installation Assurance Program (IAP), including the new Installer Friendly Seal.

The IAP is the consumer-product evaluation division of CFI. It reviews all associate products submitted to CFI under the new CFI Consumer Protection Policy to provide flooring and floor installation-product consumers with quality products. Associates whose products are found to be installer-friendly may elect to use the Installer Friendly Seal in ads, packaging, and other promotions.

Let the Seal close the Deal!
CFI is aggressively promoting the Installer Friendly Seal, both within the flooring industry and through a highly visible public relations campaign, to raise the level of awareness and respect for CFI associate-manufactured products and to assist consumers with their flooring purchases.

Only products that have been successfully reviewed by the IAP Assessment Council earn the right to use the Installer Friendly Seal. CFI issues a one-year license at no additional cost for products to display the Seal. Tools receive a five-year license, provided their design or patent does not change.

CFI will aggressively promote this campaign for the benefit of the customer who deserves to receive exactly what has been stated at the time the product is purchased. It is the goal of CFI to provide the customer with the highest confidence in not only flooring purchases, but in the use of tools, products and CFI-certified installers to achieve a “hassle-free” installation.

The Installer Friendly Seal is not an endorsement of products, tools or associated items, but rather an indication of trust and confidence.

How are IAP product evaluations performed?
Comprehensive criteria are used for awarding the Installer Friendly Seal. Different criteria govern tools, adhesives, tapes and other sundry items for carpet, laminate, tile, wood, etc. Products designed for the installer will be judged against criteria such as:

  • Does the tool or product adhere to CFI-certification procedures?
  • Is the tool or product of good or superior quality?
  • Does it have a history of accepted professional use in the installation community?
  • Were the safety and health of the installer considered in the design of the product?

    Following the assessment, the manufacturer will receive the determination of the assessment team. If a dispute exists over the determination, the manufacturer reserves the right to request a review of the seven-member assessment team and the IAP Advisory Council members.

    The determination is designed to be fair in all assessments and provide the installer with the assurance that purchases that have been awarded the seal are indeed installer friendly, not only in design and use, but also endurance. It also provides the customer with the assurance that not only the purchase, but also the tools and products used for the installation, will work together to provide years of continued enjoyment. CFI invites your participation as a partner to bring assurance to those who are purchasing product, tools, supplies and equipment in the flooring industry.