The Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America recently renewed their collective bargaining agreement through January 2004.

The FCICA and UBC have enjoyed a productive working relationship for a number of years. The international agreement is just one by-product of the two organizations working together. Contractors who have local collective bargaining agreements, and are active members of the FCICA, are eligible for participation in the agreement. Among the many benefits included is the right to staff jobs with 100 percent company employees in UBC jurisdictions where no floor covering apprenticeship programs exist, and to have 50/50 matching in areas where the apprenticeship programs do exist.

The UBC and their International Labor Management Committee for the Floor Covering Industry have been active with the FCICA and their programs. They have participated in, and endorsed many, FCICA programs, including the FIT Training Curriculum. Likewise, the FCICA supports the committee and its programs for the industry, most specifically the INSTALL program that, as one of its components, has the largest training program in the industry, with training facilities in virtually every major market in the country.

Together the UBC and FCICA share a core belief that proper, ongoing training is the key to successful, problem-free installations. Both employers and the union feel strongly that they can be more effective in this pursuit working together than working apart.

If you would like to learn more about the international agreement and its many benefits, call the FCICA administrative office at (877) TO-FCICA. To learn more about the INSTALL program and the benefits associated with being a union contractor or member, please call (877) 431-6555.