The Painters and Allied Trades Labor Management Cooperation Initiative (LMCI) is a joint labor management fund representing over 140,000 workers and over 10,000 contractors in the finishing industries. The trustees are equally represented by the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, AFL-CIO, CLC (IUPAT) and the Finishing Contractors Association (FCA) to foster and promote better labor relations between the union and employers within the finishing industry.

Workers and their employers encounter special problems that create a need for dialogue between workers of the finishing industry and their employers to determine what is right for the industry. Each is important to the other, creating a partnership which builds a strong future within the industry.

The P&AT LMCI facilitates dialogue and action on issues such as:

• Agreements to Capture Market Share

• New Markets and New Technology

• Networking the Industry

The P&AT LMCI facilitates industry issues such as:

• Special Skills and Training

• Manpower

• Labor Relations

• Apprenticeship

• Health and Safety

• Environmental Issues

• Legislation and Regulation

The P&AT LMCI sponsors the following programs:

• Marshall University Health & Safety Training

• Supervisory Training Programs

• National Advisory Teams

• Mutual Gains Collective Bargaining

• Supervisory Training

Programs created an international marketing campaign showcasing the skills of the IUPAT workers and the competency of the IUPAT signatory contractor.

• Provides fiscal and technical support for regional marketing and worker upgrading programs.

• Created a Lead Based Paint Abatement Program for Industrial Structures "training program" for workers and supervisors, educating instructors to assist industrial employers to meet customer, state, and federal compliance.

• Jointly created the IUPAT Health and Safety Hazard Awareness Certification Program with a Contractor Compliance Manual that covers mandatory health and safety training such as Hazard Communications, Respirator Protection, OSHA 500 & 501, OSHA Scaffold Standards, America Red First Aid/CPR/BBP, and methods to prevent accidents, illness and injury.

• Created a network of industry Trainers certified and authorized to deliver training programs at over eighty-five (85) IUPAT training sites across North America, at employer facilities, or on job sites to ensure job specific requirements.

• Assists employers and local unions with worker ready programs such as; substance abuse programs, worker skills certification, and mandatory journey worker continuing education.

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