Fluidmaster, the leader in toilet repair products, has developed a pair of items to make toilet installation for flooring installers much faster, simpler and more secure than ever before.

The first innovation is the Wax-Free Toilet Bowl Gasket. For generations, the basic approach to toilet installation remained the old-fashioned wax ring. The first alternative to messy wax rings, Fluidmaster's Wax-Free Toilet Bowl Gasket (Model 7500, 7503 and 7504) neatly provides a dependable fit on most floor types. Unlike wax rings, no matter what the temperature, installation is trouble-free. Plus, it can be readjusted during installation. Other benefits include:

• Clean to install, no messy wax.

• Fits most drain pipes.

• Adapts to all types of tile flooring, even stone.

• Seals on uneven floors or over tile floors with recessed flange.

• Eliminates the need for stacking multiple wax rings on new, raised flooring work.

• No wax to seep into porous surfaces like stone or wood.

• Position and design of moisture-proof O-ring prevents splash-up and rotting of floor flange.

• Heavy-duty O-ring seals tightly to block sewer gases.

• Works with PVC (white), ABS (black) drain pipes with or without inner lip, or cast iron drain pipes.

• Also includes solid brass bolts to secure the bowl to the floor.

• 10-year warranty.

Another Fluidmaster innovation that makes toilet installation easier is Fits-All No-Burst Water Supply Connectors for Toilets. Each Fits-All connector fits any of four common shut-off valves. That's a tremendous advantage for flooring installers who need to reduce guesswork and inventory. With Fits-All, contractors can carry one water supply connector for most toilet installations. That means no more return trips in search of the proper fit for the shut-off valve. No more having to bring the old connector back for the right match. In addition, Fits-All delivers all the proven benefits of the NO-BURST brand:

• Braided stainless steel for superior bursting strength.

• Highly flexible; won't kink or crack.

• The best replacement for vinyl, copper or corrugated connectors.

• Easy to install, even in tight places.

• Available in lengths of 6", 9", 12" and 20".

• 10-year warranty.