CFI Report

The CFI installation guidelines are a valuable tool. The CFI Installation Resource Manual, Chapter 7 explains the characteristics of patterns, installation problems with patterns, locating the match, pattern tolerances and guidelines that are helpful for the installation community. The Patterned Carpet Resource Guide and the accompanying video are available from CFI.

The second in a series of patterned tolerances describes BOW.

Identify the Patterned Carpet Tolerance A. TO CHECK FOR BOW

1. Begin by locating a pattern on left side of carpet and locating identical pattern on right.

2. Drop a dryline from the pattern on the left to the identical pattern on the right.

3. From the dryline, measure any of the identical patterns. If any are more than 1 inch off, contact the manufacturer.


1. The use of a deadman and a powerstretcher are required.

2. Start by cutting on the pattern.

3. Follow the same method as if correcting the SKEW.

Edge Deviation - Trueness of Edge - Bow in Length

A. Use powerstretcher and deadman to stretch in the width.

B. Stay nail and hold pattern with powerstretcher