Heavy-Duty TackStrip Cutter Catalog No. 13259, and Replacement Blades for Tackstrip Cutter (tube of 10) - Catalog No. 13276

33-ft Measuring Tape Catalog No. 13271 (12 units in a self-display box)
Orcon's new Tackstrip Cutter is the perfect for quick tackstrip cuts on the job. There are basically two types of tack-strip: with nails for wood floors, and another with nails for concrete floors. In stretch-in installations, the Carpet and Rug Institute's Installation Standards indicates that if room is in excess of 30-ft, you must use architectural grade tack-strip (which has three rows of pins). Orcon's Tack-Strip Cutter is designed to cut this type of tack-strip in one cut! It also allows for more controlled countour tack-stripping around islands and columns, making your job more accurate and faster! It features: 8-to-1 leverage for strong, easy cutting. Solid steel construction. Nickel-plated to resist corrosion. Weighs under 2-lbs. Overall length: 9-inches.

The new 33-ft Measuring Tape from Orcon offers more features than competitive brands: Patented ‘pause' button lets you hold measuring position intermittently without having to lock it in. Measures a full 33-ft (competitors' are mostly 25-ft). Extends up to 7-ft without bending! Soft rubber housing allows non-slip use. Convenient belt clip.