Midwest Padding LLC, a company best known for innovative accessories in the flooring industry, is unveiling two of their latest innovations; SnapStone is the new, easy-to-install natural stone flooring. SlimStone is the new, easy-to-install natural stone for countertops, bath and shower surrounds, wall cladding and specialty flooring.

SnapStone is the perfect solution to solve installation problems normally associated with natural stone or ceramic tile. The SnapStone process eliminates 90 percent of the error points that are common with traditional installations. SnapStone integrates a revolutionary plastic interlocking grid system that is designed to make the flooring process easy and painless for everyone from the do-it-yourselfer to the installation professional. No more dealing with the pains of thinset, and fewer hassles with surface preparation.

Installations can now be a one-day process; you can literally walk on it the same day! No more waiting three days for the stone to set up, now you can simply snap it together, and add grout as recommended. The spacing is automatic! Even the novice can achieve a professional-looking floor.

SlimStone, from Midwest Padding & Flooring, is the perfect solution for Countertops, Bath and Shower Surrounds, Wall Cladding or Specialty Flooring. The advantages of SlimStone over traditional stone slabs are numerous. It's lightweight, so there's no need to reinforce the cabinetry or the framing construction, and is easy to handle, reducing installation time and labor. SlimStone works great with typical cutting tools. You won't need any special saws or blades. SlimStone is durable. It won't scratch, stain, burn, melt, or crack under normal working conditions.

Both SnapStone and SlimStone are made with natural stone products like granite and marble. For more information, contact us at