Preparation of the substrate has become a critical issue for the floor covering industry. Manufacturers specifications are demanding particular methods so to validate the warranty of their products. Sinclair Equipment Company offers a complete range of products to complete this surface preparation process.

In a broad overview, Sinclair offers tools to accomplish stripping, grinding, scarifying and shot blasting. With six different floor strippers, the Turbo Stripper is our most powerful machine for commercial take up work including thin set based ceramic tile. Our smaller Duro Stripper is build for an independent contractors providing convenience and a wide range of adhesive cutting power. The reduction of humps, ridges and peaks to produce a flat concrete surface is accomplished quickly with a diamond grinder. Sinclair offers six electric models to chose from.

In addition, the complete removal of stains, coatings or potential bond breaking substances can be performed with the diamond grinder. For concrete patch and self-leveling work the process of shot or bead blasting is the most preferred method. Sinclair offers a quality 230V machine with a convenient vacuum to clean and profile the surface for the permanent bond of these products. Best of all, the price for this system is very affordable!

The depth of product line for surface preparation tools from Sinclair is extensive. For more information please call 1-800-624-2408.