CFI and Roberts/QEP are sponsoring an intensive training workshop on patterns of all types June 2-3, in Kansas City, Mo., at the Madrid Theatre. More than 100 installers, inspectors, manufacturers and contractors will gather for the presentation.

Installers will be working with patterns while the work is viewed on a screen in the first balcony. As presenters from the manufacturing segment explain the patterns, photos will offer complementary visuals in understanding the process of manufacturing.

At press time, representatives from Atlas, BP Backings Division, Barrett, Colbond, Durkan, Milliken, Mohawk, Patcraft, Shaw and SI Flooring Systems are assisting with the workshop.

The day one schedule includes "Patterns: The REAL story," with Jon Namba, CFI president and director of technical services for the World Floor Covering Association, and Ed Braile; a State of the Industry presentation regarding contract carpet installation and Overview of the CFI Pattern Manual with Jim Walker, CEO of the CFI; a manufacturing process panel moderated by Robert Varden; and two skill sessions.

Day two will include skill sessions, panels, demonstrations, presentations and a written test.

Roberts/QEP will demonstrate a new pattern matcher tool, which installers will have the opportunity to win. Additionally, the new CFI Pattern Resource Guide will be presented at the workshop.

For more information, telephone Jimmy Walker at (816) 920-6500.