Patterns are the look, and nobody makes them more inviting and colorful than Dalton, Ga. CFI and Roberts/QEP are sponsoring an intensive, training workshop on patterns of all types by many Manufacturers June 2-3, 2003, at the Madrid Theatre in Kansas City, Mo. Installers, inspectors, manufacturers, contractors and others in the industry will gather for the first presentation of this type.

The setting is ideal for training. The installers will be working with the patterns on the floor while the work is viewed on the huge screen for observers in the first balcony to see every detail. As the presenters from the manufacturing segment explain the manufacturing of patterns, photos will appear to assist in understanding this process. At press time, representatives from Atlas, Durkan, Milliken, Mohawk, Patcraft, Shaw and SI Flooring Systems are assisting with the workshop.

Roberts/QEP will demonstrate the new pattern matcher tool. The Installers will have an opportunity to win the new tool. It is a revision of the well-known restretcher that has been in the marketplace for many years. The lucky winners who return home with a tool of this value not only benefit from the information they receive, but will own a tool that assists in getting the job done correctly.

The manufacturers will be explaining not only the manufacturing process, but also how patterns arrive on the jobsite with bow, skew and pattern elongation. They will discuss the methods of correction and the time involved in doing so. Never before has this much information been available to the installation community. It is very important in today’s marketplace that the qualified installers are afforded the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge concerning patterned installations. Because the Installer is the last person that the client sees and because we all strive to provide the customer with what is expected at the time of the sale, CFI is providing this opportunity to increase the awareness of patterned carpets.

Jim Walker, CEO of CFI, and Jon Namba, President and Director of Technical Services for the World Floor Covering Association, will present the situation that the installers face when attempting to provide customer satisfaction. They will also discuss the time involved and how the salesperson, the estimator and the cost to perform a quality installation all affect the end result.

The new CFI Pattern Resource Guide will be presented at the workshop. This is a detailed educational presentation that explains how to locate patterns, the matching of patterns, techniques that work in the field and itemized information that will assist the installer on the jobsite. Following the event, the CFI Pattern Matching Video will be sent to the attendees and can be purchased by those who do not attend.

Registration is required due to the limited space. The cost is $500 for installers, which includes the CFI Pattern Manual. Observers who pay $250 do not participate in the hands-on sessions; this includes inspectors, retailers, estimators, manufacturers, claims personnel, cleaners and others. A hot breakfast is served each morning, and lunch and breaks are also included. Discounted lodging arrangements and airport transportation are available. Transportation is furnished daily to and from the hotel to the theatre. For additional information, contact Jimmy Walker, CFI (816) 920-6500.