Have you ever seen this ad in your local paper? You should, because there are obviously not enough installers to go around. The shortage has existed for more than the 45 years that I have been in the industry.

When I refer to installers, I am speaking of those individuals who can install virtually any flooring product that is on the market at any given time. If you are a professional installer, it is your job, your obligation, to know how to install the floor covering materials that your employer sells or contracts to install. Can you do it? If you answer yes, you had better be qualified with the necessary training to fulfill your obligation to your employer.

If your employer has sold or contracted the installation of a particular product that you have not been trained to install, tell him. Training is out there for nearly all the materials on the market; you just need to make the effort to find it. Many manufacturers offer training programs. They may take a day or two to complete, and it may be necessary to ask your employer for time off in order to attend.

If that’s the case, do it. In the long run, what you learn will benefit you in many ways. You hone your ability to properly install the products that your employer sells. In turn, your employer receives referrals from satisfied customers, which results in more work for you. The greater the number of installations that you perform correctly, the more you can earn and the less time you will have to spend returning to completed jobs to correct mistakes.

It makes no difference if the product is carpet, wood, laminate, sheet vinyl, resilient or ceramic tile; the ability to execute a PROFESSIONAL installation will be what sets you apart from other installers. In the end, it will make you the professional you strive to be, bringing with it the pride in your work that you deserve. There is nothing like the feeling of completing a really outstanding installation. Only the true professional experiences this feeling. If you don’t get this feeling, then seek out the training that you need to get it.

Believe me, there is no better feeling than that of total customer satisfaction. The training is out there; look for it. If all else fails, contact FIANA and we will try to direct you toward the training opportunities that you are looking for.

That’s a promise from us to you.