Occasionally, we move forward without taking time to thank those who make our progress possible. FCI continues to enjoy great success in the floor covering installation industry due to the professionalism and pride that its columnists and contributors put into each and every issue. It’s time to recognize the individuals whose contributions are the platform from which FCI grows and prospers.

Michael Hetts is a CFI-certified Master Installer with more than 30 years of experience. Renowned for his knowledge of carpet installation, Michael’s consistency in providing the thorough, in-depth features that make up “A Carpet Installer’s Notebook” is a cornerstone of FCI’s success.

Ken Knudtzon is a product/marketing manager with a breadth of experience and familiarity unrivaled in the floor covering publishing arena. The chairman of the NAFCD’s Floor Covering Adhesive Manufacturers Committee, Ken works tirelessly to ensure the continued advancement of the industry, promoting the “Best Job Practices” in the pages of FCI and beyond.

Joe Grady enjoys a recognition factor in the installation community that few will ever experience. Constantly exploring new ways to present the information he gleans from the industry, Joe makes certain that every effort in his “From the Technical Expert” column builds upon the last.

Reggie Hill first made his name as the manager of field installation at Mannington Mills. The founder of Floor Covering Services & Consultants, Reggie’s desire to share his experiences in “Looking at Laminate” with all those who would listen continues to benefit FCI and its readers.

Gary Kloth is the owner of Systematic Services and a long-time member of the FCICA. A dedicated advocate of training programs for the installer, Gary’s “Getting Down to Business” column offers some valuable insights into the workings of the industry, both on and off the jobsite.

Bill Baxley Jr. has more than a decade of experience as a floor covering inspector. The case studies he presents through “You Make the Call!” allow FCI to offer up yet another point of view to its readers, as well as engaging them in the problem-solving process.

Michael Byrne is tile contractor and consultant par excellence, with a large number of books, videos and other media to his credit. “Treatise on Tile” showcases the knowledge of installation and repair techniques, developed from years of experience in North, South and Central America, that makes him a valuable asset to FCI.

FCI’s resident resilient expert, Ray Thompson Jr., recently accepted a prominent position with Armstrong World Industries. Their gain is our loss, and we wish him success in his new endeavor.

And who could forget FIANA’s Jim Lee, Pat Davidson of the FCICA, and the CFI’s seemingly omniscient Jim and Jane Walker? These are the people who work hard to provide the information that FCI needs to succeed in the floor covering installation industry.

And it’s been too long since they were thanked for it.