The Atomic DCS keeps the dust collection outside the house.

Plenty of power to run multiple machines effectively.
As consumers have become aware of their dust-free sanding choice for hardwood floors, and don't want to put up with the mess, dust containment is fast becoming an expected service in the industry.

Instead of being just a competitive advantage for your business, in the future dust containment will be essential to your ability to compete.

More importantly, wood dust generated by floor sanding is a known toxin and carcinogen. While the level of toxicity varies according to the wood species, health problems resulting from frequent exposure to airborne wood dust include allergic reactions, sinus and lung problems, and cancer. This job site hazard is completely unnecessary.

BonaKemi's latest innovation in dust containment is the Atomic DCS®. The breakthrough difference with the trailer-mounted Atomic system is the dramatic increase in power and complete evacuation of the dust, with collection outside of the job site.

The Atomic DCS is the ultimate for dust-free sanding providing: • Increased customer satisfaction - eliminates the nightmare of dust throughout the home.

• Higher quality results by eliminating airborne dust that would settle back down into the finish.

• Dramatically increases the speed and efficiency of your work - increasing the profitability of each job.

• Healthier working conditions - wood dust is a known carcinogen.

"The Atomic dust containment system eliminates all the airborne dust associated with wood floor sanding and refinishing. The proof is in the satisfied customers and the referrals we are receiving as a result of the system," said Randy Hoffman, V.P. of Arvada Hardwood Floor Co. Aurora, Colorado Healthier work conditions, increased profitability and greater customer satisfaction are just some of the accelerated benefits of dust containment with the Atomic DCS.

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