FCI Editorial column for January/February 2000.

…then the Third Annual WFCA National Installation Contest at Surfaces 2000 would represent his ultimate 15 minutes of fame. Two categories. Head-to-head competition. The clock ticking toward zero hour. An installer and his tool belt against the world, selected from regional competitions across the country to compete in Las Vegas, NV against the best of the best.

What kind of publication would we be if we didn’t include coverage of this year’s competition? Take a look at the preview, the competitor profiles, and the exclusive Q&A with the WFCA’s own Dick Bray.

What else are we seeing in this, the first issue of 2000? Remember, the dawn of the square foot carpet is upon us. Square yards have gone the way of the dodo. How will this change in measurement ultimately affect the installer? Only time (and a few industry notables) will tell.

It can be a struggle at times, but we are still trying to pack as much information into each issue of FCI as space, and the accountants, will allow. Occasionally this means an extra notch or two gets punched in the publishing belt as we tighten the issue up. That said, this concludes an abbreviated (yet extremely entertaining) editorial. At first, I found it hard to swallow that you would rather read about prefinished hardwood installations and adhesive spray systems than muse over what I might think about the price of tea in China, but hey, that’s what letters to the editor are for.

So, without further ado, welcome to FCI 2000.

Hope you enjoy the ride.