The Poplar Lodge was long overdue for a facelift. With the opening just days away, there was one area of the lodge that still needed to be addressed: the terrace floor.

The Poplar Lodge restaurant in Hendersonville, NC was long overdue for a facelift. Owner Robert Quattelbaum decided to renovate the entire structure from the ground up. With the grand re-opening just days away, there was one area of the lodge that still needed to be addressed: The terrace floor. Quattelbaum’s master plan called for carpet to be installed on the terrace, but he knew from experience what was coming.

“I expected to see Bob and his crew crawling around on their hands and knees pushing puddles of glue, as they had done at my other restaurants,” Quattelbaum said. “Instead, after laying back the carpet, they walked around the area and sprayed on a thorough, even coat of adhesive. In a matter of moments, they were rolling carpet out and trimming to rock walls.”

Installer Bob Stephenson, owner of Hendersonville-based Bob Stephenson Floor Service, was presented with the challenge of laying the carpet in the Poplar Lodge.

“The job consisted of 114 yards of 50-ounce woven, polypropylene-backed Berber carpet,” Stephenson explains. “It required a full spread, with the carpet to be cut to roughed-in rock wall perimeters, not to mention two additional rock columns.”

Stephenson had been wanting to try something new, and the Poplar Lodge presented him with the perfect opportunity. Adhesive spray installation systems, while relatively new to the installation market, have quickly caught on throughout the country, and Stephenson was anxious to test his new US-1 Universal Adhesive Sprayer from Advanced Adhesive Technology.

The project was deemed a great success by both parties. Even one of more common concerns consumers have with carpet installations seemed remedied.

“I had feared that an odor from the adhesive might still remain and offend my patrons,” Quattelbaum said. “To my amazement, there was no odor when Bob finished at the end of the day.”

Stephenson and his crew used AAT’s Universal spray grade multi-purpose AdHesive 677 adhesive in the project.