FCI's editor puts forth his two cents. You should demand change.

I, Installer

It’s a little known fact that Tiberius Claudius wanted to pursue a career in installation, but was stymied by his obligations as Emperor of Rome…

When I was at the Surfaces 2000 Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV this past January, I enjoyed yet another opportunity to meet a variety of installation professionals from across the country. Journeymen, apprentices, owners, contractors, independents, certified, uncertified, tall, short, fat, thin, bald, man, woman, dog, cat…you get the picture.

There were those who enjoy FCI and what it has to say, and there are those who don’t. There were some who thought it said too much; who thought it didn’t say enough; who thought it catered to the manufacturer; who said it spoke straight to the installer. There were even those who, gasp! hadn’t read it at all. But nearly everyone had a criticism of some kind, a comment about something that rubbed them wrong as they browsed the book. And you know what?


I am of the notebook-and-camera-brigade. It’s my job to deliver the story, to put together the thoughts and words of those whose decades of experience and dedicated effort in this industry help shape the way you perceive it. Each and every issue I work my way through a lifetime of experience as recounted by Joe Grady, Ken Knudtzon, Ray Thompson Jr. Reggie Hill, Michael Hetts, Michael Byrne and many others. It’s their life that you’re thumbing through each month. I’m just helping them bring it to the page.

Someone in the office once started adding up the total years of experience the FCI columnist stable can claim. He stopped counting after 130.

But that's not the whole story. The installers I've met aren't afraid to voice their opinions, to talk straight, to tell it like it is, and that includes problems with FCI. And I'd rather hear what FCI is doing wrong than what it's doing right any day of the week. That's the only way to make it better, the only way to give the readers what they want.

Too many features? Not enough? How’s the show coverage? More troubleshooting? What about the step by steps? Management issues? Business to business? E-commerce? What do you need to know that we aren’t telling you?

What can FCI do for you?