CFI Report

A successful Surfaces and a look forward for 2000

To date, this is fast becoming the grandest year in CFI history. The national office has received more than 4,500 requests for information from Surfaces 2000. Unbelievable! Special thanks to WFCA for affording us the opportunity. The volunteers who promoted CFI with such zest are to be commended. Installation is a recognized trade consisting of professional, quality-minded craftspeople. For now, this group is in the minority, but their excitement and presence in the marketplace are more in demand than ever before.

"Selling Installation" is the theme for 2000. Educational programs disseminated through the media and "The CFI Professional" will focus on the benefits of informing the customer of what he or she can expect when engaging the services of those who can provide what is necessary.

CFI renewals are at an all-time high. The CFI Installation for the Inspector course, the CFI Estimator course, and the certification events, are generating enthusiasm everywhere. In Houston, TX, more than 60 installers arrived in February for certification. A number of manufacturers from every facet of the floor covering industry are providing materials, education, and training to interested installers. Hosting parties are registering a minimum of 35 installers for certification dates in order to meet their expenses. We invite anyone interested in hosting a certification to contact the national office for a hosting packet. Installers and associates, become involved in one of the 32 local chapters. This is how you do your part to spread the CFI story.

The CFI Inspector course, June 26-27, is filling up rapidly this year. The Dalton Tech Conference will be held in conjunction with a CFI certification, March 24-25, at Myers Carpet in Dalton.

Start planning now for the CFI 7th Annual Convention in Kansas City, MO, Sept. 8-10, 2000 at the Westin Crown Center Hotel. The Leadership Conference will be held Sept. 7, to which all CFI installers are invited. An outstanding array of speakers will be present, discussing everything from the independent contractor issue to "Markup and Profit – How to Make Money."

“Mr. CFI,” D. J. Harrington, will be in attendance, as will Mohawk’s Ryan Derosier. A number of "hands-on" workshops will be put on, and much more. Registration forms are available as well as the four-month payment option. If you are involved in installation, you have no choice, but "TO LEARN MORE TO EARN MORE!"

It's congratulations to CFI's own Richard Bennett II, who placed second in the carpet category at the Surfaces 2000 National Installation Contest. CFI is proud of him and all the CFI guys who showcased their talents. Also, many, many thanks to the sponsors who donated so many great and exciting tools and accessories for the contestants - Ardex, Beckler's Carpet, Capitol USA, Chapco Adhesive, Design In Mind, Laser Square, Orcon, ProKnee and Taylor Tools. The competitors also received a beautiful award and medal signifying their participation in the National Installation Contest from the CFI, through the coordination of Jimmy Walker and the associate members.