SASE Co. Inc.

SASE Company, Inc.'s Battery Powered Ride-On Floor Scraper, the Floornado, makes floor covering removal trouble-free and productive.

When removing an existing floor covering, glue, mastic or any other left over residue can present many challenges. Whether you're removing a floor covering by hand or using a walk-behind machine, excessive time, labor, and production costs are major concerns. SASE Company, Inc., the leader in the Surface Preparation Equipment industry, has the solution to these difficult job-site demands with our ride-on floor scrapers.

The SASE Floornado is designed for both the retail and commercial markets; where the demolition, removal or flooring contractor needs the power of a big machine but in a small enough size that will be able to access hallways, elevators, door jams and areas that require a ZERO turning radius. Moving at speeds of up to 220 ft. per minute, this 1,650 lb workhorse provides the torque and weight to remove virtually all floor covering materials in a timely manner. The SASE Floornado is also ideal for small offices, hospitals and the residential market where fossil fuels are not acceptable. The SASE Floornado gets the job done while releasing zero emissions, which is safe to use in restricted or zero ventilation areas. Another advantage of the SASE Floornado is that it does not require power cords.

The SASE Floornado has proven its' efficiency on everything from removing carpets, tiles, vinyl composition tiles (VCT), wood floors (parquet), and stone tile floors such as ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles. The SASE Floornado also works on a wide variety of thick coatings, thin sets, mastics, laminates, linoleums, sport/athletic courts, and rubber floors.

The SASE Floornado utilizes the most technically advanced Gel Batteries for optimum battery performance. A battery gauge allow users to know when to change the batteries in order to obtain the longest life and maximum production possible. There is also no risk of hazardous spills. The SASE Floornado comes with two complete sets of re-chargeable batteries and two 110-volt chargers. The typical battery run time is approximately two hours and takes less time to adequately charge; thus allowing for maximum operation and minimal change-out and continuous run time. For all your diverse removal needs, the SASE Floornado utilizes a wide variety of tooling including: flat blades, carpet blades and a tungsten tile toothed blade.

SASE Company carries a complete line of floor scrapers to match your job requirements, for all aspects of flooring demolition and abatement. The product line includes the SASE Twister, which is the heaviest, most advanced, and most productive floor scraper in the industry.

SASE Company has a direct sales force that comes to your jobsite for demonstrations and application trainings. SASE has multiple regional sales/service centers and a national staff, plus we offer same day shipping. SASE has the right people who are not only knowledgeable about the equipment that we sell; but they also understand our customer's needs and requirements.

The SASE Floornado is manufactured exclusively for SASE Company, Inc. by Rex Davidson of OEM Products, who has been building the best floor scrapers in the industry for eleven years. Please direct any questions about your surface preparation objectives or your equipment needs to: SASE Company, Inc, 26423 79th Ave. South, Kent, WA 98032. Phone: (800) 522-2606. Fax: (877) 762-0748. Web Site: Email: