This month's edition of Floor Covering Installer is one you should really read from cover to cover.

"Why?" you ask.

Because we have worked this month with many of the top manufacturers and suppliers in our industry to supply us with new information, technology and research that we have incorporated into our SPOTLIGHT SHOWCASES running on pages 25-59.

The companies that have supplied the information are the leaders in our industry and have assisted us in putting together a great deal of useful, practical data that you will be able to utilize on a daily basis in your work. Many of these companies discuss new products that are coming down the road. A few just wish to let you know a little more about them.

We appreciate you taking the time to read these SHOWCASES. We at FCI wish to take this opportunity to also thank these manufacturers for their efforts in supporting this issue and assisting our industry in general.

We also have several informative articles, including vapor retarders for wood flooring and heat welding linoleum floors. Both are issues we will be covering through all of 2006.

Coming next month, we will be launching a series of articles on moisture testing as well as a regular feature on new installation tools coming into the marketplace. Plus it will be our annual SURFACES issue, with all the latest developments and activities to take place at the biggest show in our industry.

Many of you contacted me after my inaugural column last month and welcomed me to the industry. I appreciate your support and hope to continue bringing you the best magazine possible.