Sinclair Equipment Company carries a full line of professional floor strippers for all of your take-up needs. Starting with the top-of-the-line, heavy-duty Turbo Stripper. It is designed to remove the most difficult floor coverings on the market today, including commercial carpet, vinyl, tile, rubber goods, sport surfaces as well as glue residues. The exclusive hand-operated clutch and unequaled traction makes the Turbo Stripper easy to maneuver. A 75 lb. weight cradle is available for use with the Turbo Stripper. This system provides additional weight centered directly over the blade for use during more difficult floor covering removal applications, such as VAT/VCT, wood, rubber, ceramics, etc. Features: Self -propelled, hand operated clutch, power overload protection, removable weights, adjustable handle, 14 inch width blade jaw with 5000 strokes per minute ram action.

The newest addition to our floor stripper line is the Extro Stripper. Equipped with the patented "Pull-Back-System" application, that automatically cuts out the drive motor of the machine as soon as the handle is pulled back. This allows fast and efficient working and increases safety. Moreover, it allows the machine to be pulled back more easily when stopped. This innovation is used for the first time on the Extro Stripper. It has self-drive and the impact power to remove all bonded resilient floor coverings. Features: self-propelled, power overload protection, removable weights, adjustable handle, 14 inch width blade jaw with 5,000 strokes per minute ram action.

Our Bravo Stripper is our mid-range, self propelled, variable speed floor removal machine and is ideal for residential or commercial take up of vinyl, carpet, VAT or VCT. Features: 8,500 Oscillating strokes per minute, variable speed control, blade angle adjustment, adjustable handle angle, top handle adjusts from side to side for wall clearance, dual dedicated motors (one for the drive system and one for blade cutting action), hand operated clutch for the drive system, power overload protection.

Our smaller Duro Stripper is the most powerful manually operated floor stripper on the market. Unmatched in durable design, the Duro Stripper can tackle the most difficult jobs. This unit can remove all types of floor coverings from wood or concrete surfaces. Remove the handle and use by hand for more precise work around porcelain, cabinetry, stairs, etc. Features: Stand up or hand-held operation, exclusive foot operated on/off switch, spring loaded travel wheels, oscillating blade action with 8,500 oscillating strokes per minute.

Sinclair Equipment Company offers six floor strippers for all of your take-up needs. For more information please call 1-800-624-2408 or email,