Porta-Nails, Inc. (PNI), manufacturer of the original Porta-Nailer Hammerhead (manual) and Portamatic Hammerhead 2 (pneumatic) flooring systems, recently announced the addition of two new PNI Hammerheads to their established Hammerhead Family. The Portamatic Hammerhead TL and the Portamatic Hammerhead S are both built with the same quality that PNI customers have come to expect and appreciate. Both are designed to make you even more versatile and productive in your flooring installation needs - no matter which Hammerhead or fastener you prefer. With the addition of these new tools, PNI now has a complete family of tools from which to choose, no matter what your preference or project. You now have a "One Stop Shop" for all your nailer and fastener needs.

The Portamatic Hammerhead TL is a hammer-actuated pneumatic nailer, designed for nailing 1/2" and 3/4" tongue and groove wood flooring. This easy-to-use tool will accurately seat nails at 70-90 psi and offers a magazine that can accommodate either T Porta-Nails or L Porta-Nails, which come in a variety of lengths to accommodate your specific application needs. For those who prefer using a stapler to install their wood floors, the Portamatic Hammerhead S, a hammer-actuated pneumatic stapler, fires a 1/2" crown 15-gauge staple designed for nailing 1/2" and 3/4" tongue and groove wood flooring.

PNI also offers a full line of nailers that are built to last with the highest quality components available. If you want the finest tongue and groove floor nailer around, The Original Porta-Nailer Hammerhead, featuring "Preferred Seating," is your best bet. The first species of its kind offering Porta-Nails' original Ratchet Assembly, Hammerhead ensures that the ram does not return until the nail is properly seated. And for those bigger jobs requiring greater speed, go for the Portamatic Hammerhead 2. This high quality offspring employs the original "Preferred -Seating" system like the famous Porta-Nailer-- BUT IN A PNEUMATIC VERSION! Designed for nailing 1/2" - 33/32" tongue and groove wood flooring it can be easily converted to a face nailer by simply changing the shoe. Either of these two high quality nailers coupled with the patented Porta-Nail, will give you a floor that lasts a lifetime. The Porta-Nail, made only by PNI with its incredible "anti-split" design, cuts through wood cleanly without splintering or splitting. The Porta-Nail unique advantages include a wide head and "shark-like" serrated tooth design for greater impact and holding power (available in lengths of 1-3/16", 1-1/2" and 2"). From 3/8" to 33/32" flooring, these nails go down fast, easy and permanently.

Porta-Nails, Inc (PNI) has been given 9001-2000 registration from the International Organization for standardization (ISO). The ISO 9001-2000 is a model used by organizations to certify their quality management system from initial design and development of a product or service through production, installation and servicing.

PNI has grown into a diversified provider of quality woodworking tools. Whether your interest lies in installing a hardwood floor with the award winning Porta-Nailer or in fashioning a wooden work of art, contact Porta-Nails at 1-800-634-9281, for the dealer in your community or visit our website at www.porta-nails.com. Let us be your single source supplier for the best most versatile flooring installation tools and fasteners in the market today!