MP Global Products (formerly Midwest Padding) has resumed manufacturing, utilizing a brand new facility at their corporate headquarters in Norfolk, Nebraska. Reconstruction began almost immediately after a fire completely destroyed their fiber pad factory on March 2nd earlier this year. The new state-of-the-art factory will have almost double the output capacity of their old plant.

The company also has several additional manufacturing facilities for polyethylene foam underlayments as well as KwikDek and SnapStone floor coverings in multiple separate locations. The Norfolk plant produces their best selling, and best-known "QuietWalk" underlayment for floating laminate and wood floors.

Since the spring fire, MP Global Products continued to provide customers with a version of QuietWalk through sub-contracted facilities. The company's president, Al Collison stated "We now plan to reward our loyal customers with several enhancements to our product line. QuietWalk will offer even greater moisture protection for floors. The addition of "super-sorb" fibers along with a thicker, stronger vapor barrier backed by our unprecedented warranty makes that product unique among several look-alike pads on the market. We're also offering QuietWalk with "Self Seal", which is a lip and tape system for joining the seams."

Since the company was founded in 1997, it's grown to become a leader in the laminate floor underlayment business. Plant manager, Chad Collison says "with the completion of our new factory, we've made a commitment to continued growth within our industry, and to producing the best quality fiber pad on the market".

Goals for the company in 2006 are to increase sales through existing customers, in part by the new product enhancements, but also by increasing in-store visibility. According to National Sales Manager, Kelly Kennedy, "We've been working with some fantastic flooring distributors for the past 5 years, and we'd like to compensate those that stood by us through this difficult year". Jack Boesch, Director of Marketing added, "Although we're best known for QuietWalk, we also have a complete line of underlayments. It's time we better inform our customers about all of our core products. It just makes more sense that they can fill all of their underlayment needs through one supplier".

For additional information about QuietWalk, QuietWarmth, Insulayment, or DuoFoam, call MP Global Products at (888) 379-9695, or visit them at