Mark E. Industries has created 3 products to simplify the art of tile installation by focusing on some of the industry's more difficult and time consuming tasks. Tools that will save the installer the valuable time required to complete such tasks, without the problems that can occur with traditional methods.

Quick-Pitch® is a permanently installed screeding guide that eliminates the need to use a level to guarantee a properly pitched shower floor or mud bed needed for drainage. A 1/4" fall per foot is built into each float stick, taking out any possibility of ending up with a floor that holds water or puddles. It also creates a very comfortably sloped shower floor and makes it a lot easier to set tile that is larger than average. Quick-Pitch is easily cut to fit any size or shaped area up to a 12'x12' room. DIY'ers can expect professional results, while the Pro gains speed, efficiency and confidence in this trustworthy product.

"My husband and I recently remodeled our master bathroom and the part he was most concerned with was how to do the shower floor under the tile. I stumbled across your product online and ordered it. The results were perfect and at such a reasonable price!! Thank you very much." Amy C. Atlanta, Georgia

"I've been setting tile for over 6 years and the one thing I always struggled with is mudding shower floors. Now that I've found Quick pitch it's not a problem any longer. I don't know why somebody didn't come up with this a long time ago." Alex P. Toledo, Ohio

Kirb-Perfect™ was designed to eliminate the problems due to nails or screws puncturing the vinyl pan liner covering shower curbs. Kirb Perfect is a stay-in-place form and the nails used to fasten it are located on the outside vertical wall only, with virtually no chance of water intrusion to the wood underneath. The top section has the pitch angled back towards the drain.

"As a General Contractor I have torn out more than a few showers over the years. The reason I've seen most often for leaking shower stalls are nails through the lining material below the top of the dams and once water gets to wood, the shower is doomed. All my guys will use Kirb Perfect from now on, its fail safe." Jack W. Dallas, Texas

StringA-Level™ is a set of reusable ledger boards with built in leveling vials primarily designed for wall tile installations. A system of interlocking sections form a continuous support shelf that is temporarily attached to the wall that tile stacks upon. Included are two types of levels; the rigid section with a single level vial for straight walls and the flexible section (possibly the world's only flexible level) that will turn corners and conform to curves. A carrying case is included with each set.

"In case you're interested .... I just completed a very difficult tile installation of a seashell/snail shaped walk-in shower. Without a straight wall in it, I needed to somehow build a level starting course of ripped down 16" tiles. 23 flexible Stringa Levels got me in and back out on a continual level line: I can't think of a better way it could have been done. Thanks for a great product!" George T. Raleigh, NC