Dust associated with refinishing hardwood floors is not only unhealthy for wood flooring contractors, but also presents a cleaning nightmare for homeowners that can linger for months or even years.

With revolutionary dust containment technology from hardwood floor finishing and floor care leader BonaKemi USA, consumers can avoid the annoying mess by simply demanding their contractor use a dust containment system. And they are.

"There's never been a better time for wood flooring contractors to increase their profits, and profit margins, by selling dust containment to a fast-growing number of consumers demanding this service," said Ron Peden, Bona president and CEO. "Opportunities to significantly raise prices for contractors don't come around very often."

Sanding with Bona® Atomic® dust containment creates a healthy work environment for contractors-and happy customers who will refer contractors more business. "The Bona dust containment system is top-notch, truly amazing," said Ellen Pruitt, a Georgia homeowner who recently experienced the Bona® Atomic DCS®. "There was no airborne dust."

Hardwood flooring experts nationwide agree the ultimate in sanding and finishing dust containment technology is the virtually dust-free BonaKemi Atomic DCS® powered by a 27-h.p. engine located in a trailer parked in the homeowner's driveway. With the powerful trailer-mounted Atomic®, there are absolutely no cleaning hassles and no dust spread through the house.

To help wood flooring contractors further meet the growing consumer demand for dust-free sanding, Bona recently introduced the new Atomic® 110, a portable Atomic DCS® that can be taken virtually anywhere. The new Atomic® 110 operates indoors or outdoors off 110-volt power that can be plugged into any 20-amp electrical outlet.

The Atomic® 110 was developed to be taken everywhere from inside a single-family home to a high-rise building.

Whether it's the new Atomic® 110 or the trailer-mounted Atomic, Bona's Atomic DCS® program also helps contractors grow their businesses by offering effective marketing and sales support, such as consumer brochures; promotional video packages in DVD or VHS; newspaper and Yellow Pages ads; direct mailers; Val Pak® -type coupons; and marketing flyers.

"We don't want to sell contractors just a piece of dust containment equipment," said Gerry Mueller, Bona director of marketing. "We believe it is also important to provide contractors with professional marketing tools to enhance their businesses and create awareness in their market areas."

For a free dust containment brochure call 800-872-5515 or visit www.bonakemi.com. For more information about Bona Atomic DCS®, contractors can also contact their local Bona distributor.