Last year, Floor Covering Installer launched two new issues, the Troubleshooting Reference Guide and the Underlayment and Subfloor Preparation Reference Guide, both of which were very well received by our readers. Because of the success of these issues, we're returning to those themes again this year for a second time.

As with last year's troubleshooting guide, we have articles addressing all types of floor covering installation: carpet, wood, resilient and ceramic. Last year, the emphasis was on ceramic, with two articles from Michael Byrne and Dave Gobis, who has since become a regular columnist for FCI. This year, the emphasis is on wood, with two columns on troubleshooting and related issues for installing wood flooring. Regular FCI columnist Mickey Moore, technical director of the Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association (NOFMA), thoroughly addresses the subject of troubleshooting for hardwood floors, offering practical solutions for dealing with common installation problems, including gapping, oversize installation, high moisture content, and problems related to subflooring and environmental drying. Also on the subject of wood, Rob Johnson, northeast regional sales manager for Basic Coatings, addresses the important subject of ventilation for wood flooring finishes. On the ceramic side, columnist Dave Gobis examines some of the most common problems facing installers of ceramic tile, including surface preparation, movement joints, control joints, and grout joints and shading. For carpet, columnist Michael Hetts offers troubleshooting tips to make carpet installation safer and easier. Of course, we didn't forget resilient; columnist Jon Namba explains the process of troubleshooting for resilient flooring installations, from floor preparation to wall base installation. Also on the resilient side, long-time columnist Bill Baxley examines the causes of failure in a commercial VCT installation. Each issue in his popular "You Make the Call" column, Bill addresses problems, both common and uncommon, for all types of installations, as well as offering insight into how these problems can be prevented; in essence, every column he does is a troubleshooting lesson. Rounding out this special issue, columnist Joe Grady examines common problems associated with concrete, which affect installers of all types of flooring.

We at FCI are proud to bring you this special Troubleshooting Reference Guide. We hope it makes your job a little easier and helps you to work more safely and effectively. Please remember that this is your magazine, and we strive to provide the information you need to improve your skills and knowledge as a floor covering installer. If you have any questions or topics you would like to see addressed in future issues, please take a moment to call, write or e-mail us.