Have you ever heard that it is not what happens to you in life, but what you choose to do about it that makes the difference? Have you ever heard that it is positive action, not woeful reaction, that gets the most significant results? Have you ever heard of the FCICA? The Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association knows what it's all about. It's all about attitude!

You will find an attitude of gratitude throughout this organization. It is a grateful nature that searches for solutions to adverse situations, while accepting the challenge of promoting an environment of professionalism and complete customer satisfaction in the floor covering industry. The leadership of the FCICA is calling on all parties concerned with customer satisfaction in the flooring industry to be grateful for each and every opportunity to supply products in a fashion that creates loyal and trusting customers.

The membership of the FCICA is demonstrating their desire to align with the trailblazers, the influential players, the cream of the crop, and help bring to market the talents of floor covering contractors who continually raise the expectation bar for both themselves and consumers. These consumers are found in corporate, healthcare, education, hospitality, retail, and church environments, as well as residences.

Following the lead of successful business people produces business success, satisfied customers, repeat business, and more profits! It affects not only the flooring contractor, but also the manufacturers of the products being sold and installed. It has been said that it is not what you know, but who you know. And knowing the “soldiers with an attitude of gratitude,” the influential providers of materials and services in your market, can make things happen.

Get in touch with the membership of the FCICA, and visit our website. Let the Tech Net team loose on your toughest problems. Subscribe to the FIT (Floorcovering Installation Training) curriculum and learn to operate with the attitude that cultivates satisfied customers and increased profits.

When you join the FCICA, you will be a part of a international team of material and installation providers that will help you secure your position of influence, and demonstrate you also have an ‘Attitude of Gratitude.” Please call 248-661-5015 for information, and visit our website at www.fcica.com.