CFI Report

The CFI 7th Annual Convention will be held in Kansas City, MO, Sept. 7-10 at the Westin Crown Center Hotel. There is no place on the planet where professional installers can obtain as much installation and business-planning information. The event is open to all industry-related associates; one does not have to be certified to attend. The “hands-on” seminars provide time for the installers to work with the new backings, difficult carpet patterns, laminates; to learn hand-sewing from the experts; and to improve their business skills.

The WFCA-sponsored Leadership Conference begins Thursday at 7:30 a.m. The event is open to all members, and presents an opportunity to develop and refine the skills that provide CFI with an outstanding array of leaders. Register early because space is limited.

Thursday afternoon, “Visit the Associates” begins at 3:30. Installers talk about this event all year because of the opportunity to learn more about products in the marketplace, as well as view new product introductions. Loaded with cutting-edge technology and ideas, this area is open at various times throughout the weekend.

Prior to the opening reception, “The First-Timers Meeting” provides the opportunity for those attending their first CFI convention to become acquainted with the members.

This year, members will again receive the commemorative CFI jacket that has become a collector’s item. This is made possible by the generosity of the associate members who provide the funding. CFI installers, wearing these jackets, advertise all year long for those who participate. What a gift for the member, and what a way to advertise for the associate! The opening reception brings together members to renew relationships and make new friends.

Friday morning, the seminars and speakers will fill the convention with the more information than anyone will be able to take home. On Friday evening, the Kansas City/Hawaiian Special arrives. In order to win the many exciting gifts donated by the Manufacturers, the CFI guys and gals must come adorned in full Hawaiian sportswear.

Saturday evening at the Kansas City Cowboy and Cowgirl Night, visitors won’t believe the exciting things that will occur. If you’ve never attended, you’ve been missing the thrill of an installer’s lifetime. No one leaves this convention without a handful of memories!

Don’t be left out. Call 816-231-4646 today for a registration form. See you in September!

And on a personal note…For those of you who didn’t believe I was still among the living, I am! Thanks for the acts of kindness, which meant so much. I am improving every day and by convention time, you’ll never know anything happened to me!