CFI Report

CFI continues to grow not only in membership, but also in educational opportunities available to its members. The CFI Convention 2000 presented more seminars and speakers than ever before. CFI conventions are always THE PLACE TO BE FOR EDUCATION! From business opportunities to the latest in installation techniques and products, CFI Convention 2000 was IT! Just let me know if there is another place one can go to obtain all of the latest knowledge and learn the newest installation techniques. CFI is focused on education for the installer, retailer, inspector, sales representative, et al in the industry who want to increase their knowledge of floor covering installation.

To keep abreast of new developments, access for information on the Dalton Tech Conference, certification dates, and events. The CFI Directory 2000 was introduced at the convention. Associate dues have been increased to $300 for those with four or fewer locations, and $500 for manufacturers and those members with more than four locations.

The CFI Survey 2000 has been mailed, and is also available on the website. The information obtained will provide CFI with data that will increase our knowledge of not only the problems we encounter, but also the status of our working relationship with our partners in the industry. The deadline for returning Survey 2000 is December 1, 2000. It will take a few minutes of your time. It is not a simple questionnaire, but you are a part of the CFI, and your opinions do matter. Return the survey today!

CFI installers – YOU ARE IN DEMAND! If you are seeking employment, new work, or location changes, e-mail Inquiries are received daily from those seeking the services of professional installers. Always remember, you represent CFI in the finest form!

Let me thank our many associate members who contributed to the most exciting, most outstanding and enjoyable CFI convention in history. Your support is appreciated!!