By the time this article is published, the FCICA will have had its mid-year meeting, “Focus on the Future”, where it plans to review its direction and measure its promises to the trade. The association will continue to work on keeping up the momentum, while always providing support and essential benefits to its membership.

There was a recent disclosure of the approximate revenue dollars and number of installers that the FCICA represents:

    FCICA is made up of contractor and associate members (64% and 36%, respectively) whose sales account for more than $960 million a year. ·FCICA contractor members represent more than 2,295 installers. ·78% of FCICA members install commercially. ·79% of FCICA commercial members say 50% or more of their installations are carpet. ·71% of FCICA members install resilient, 50% install wood flooring, 34% install ceramic, and 33% install other types of flooring. ·33% of FCICA members are FCIB (Floor Covering Installation Board) certified, 15% are certified to inspect, and 20% perform cleaning services.

Of course, these numbers only tell half the story. The FCICA’s contractor membership represents both large shops and independent installers with the same attitude and desire to be the best that they can be. These members have reached out and found that the manufacturers and other suppliers to the trade truly want to support the FCICA’s goals, and they appreciate the enthusiasm and dedication to improving the industry of all those involved. As professionals, the importance of these efforts is HUGE, and our associate members have let us know about it.

Being able to network with others who are always looking for better ways to operate in the industry is a HUGE benefit of FCICA membership! The FCICA offers the FIT (Floorcovering Installation Training) curriculum for those who would like to train their own loyal staff of installers, and not just to lay carpet. The TechNet team has been very busy helping contractors, finding solutions to installation problems. The TechNet team is made up of professionals, 85% of which are FCIB certified, who have worked in the industry an average of 30 years. This is a HUGE benefit for the flooring industry. Any and all calls to the 800 number (877-TO-FCICA) will get a quick response, which is what you should expect from an industry organization.

The FCICA is back, and it’s HUGE! Make the time to take the steps to get on board with this effort to make a difference and secure the future of your business or your source of income. Give us a call or visit the web site (www.fcica.com). See what FCICA can do for you.