Here are answers to several common carpet-related questions, which can help you to work more safely and efficiently.

Question: We were installing one of these new "Cali-Berber" long shaggy frieze and while trying to seal the seams the long naps kept falling over and getting in the glue and the fell into the seam as well. Now what do I do?

Answer: That stuff can be a problem. What my sons and I have found solves the problem is to tape the naps back.

If working from the face brush the naps away from the edge and use masking tape (not duct tape it will leave a residue or pull lose naps) to hold the naps in place. The blue masking tape is even better.

I have found it to be a little easier to fold the carpet back and run the tape along the edge, this way you don't need to keep brushing back the naps (Photo 1A & 2A). Although you have to be careful when folding the carpet back the tape will come loose easily (Photo 3A).

Now seal your seam without the naps getting in the glue (Photo 4A). Your seam is ready to go (Photo 5A).

Peel away the tape in front of your iron as you are making the seam (Photo 6A).

Q:I want to make extra money cutting doors, but I'm afraid of them splintering. Now what do I do?

A: First determine how much you need to cut. Before you take off the doors measure how thick the carpet and pad you are installing add at least 1/8 inch (Photo 1B).

Measure and mark the door on each side (Photo 2B).

Using a sharp utility blade score the door at your marks (Photo 3B & 4B).

Cover the bottom of the door with masking tape (not duct tape) and cut your score mark through the tape (Photo 5B).

Using a circular saw cut off the bottom of the door taking care to keep the saw blade at the edge of the score mark on the side being cut off (Photo 6B).

Remove the tape being careful to peel the tape down and away from the cut edge.

(Photo 7B) The combination of scoring and taping the door bottom will prevent the door bottom from splintering.

Q:There is a law of Physics that states two objects can not occupy the same space at the same time. Unintentionally I proved that law correct, using my hook knife and the tip of my finger. My finger is so sore it can't be touched and I can't work. OK, Now what do I do?

A: Ouch, well you need to protect your finger from being bumped while still being mobile.

Using an empty milk jug cut out a square about 2 1/2 inches (Photo 1C).

Cut that square into a smaller square with four arms, (Photo 2C) leave a space between your fingertip and the plastic.

Fold the arms down and tape them to your finger (Photo 3C). The plastic cage you have created will protect your finger from bumps and allow you to work (Photo 4C).