Hi, My name is Gregg Loria and I'm the new Publisher of Floor Covering Installer magazine. Having been a publisher of health, fitness and automotive magazines for over 20 years, I'm very proud to take on this position. But, I need your help. As a publisher, I know that it is impossible for any magazine to grow and improve unless you have the major component of an active and involved readership. FCI has that now. But there's so much more room for growth and participation!

In the brief time I've been in this industry, I have come to realize that the problems, controversies and regulations you experience on a regular basis are not that much different in nature than those in other industries. Issues and differences of opinions arise in every industry. But FCI, unlike any other magazine in this industry, can provide you with a forum and a source for cutting through all the clutter.

If there's a controversy over certain regulations or materials for instance, let's discuss all sides and hear all the ideas. Debate is good and healthy and keeps a magazine vital to its industry. It is our goal to see FCI become even more integrated into the issues of the day and involved in the new technology coming down the road. We would like FCI to become part of your company, just like I will to become part of your industry. We will continue to provide practical and reliable information that you can use in your day to day work. We want to keep FCI fresh, with features and articles that are informative and invaluable. Features that will get you and keep you involved in FCI and on top of your game. In the months ahead, we will be producing seminars that will help you find your way through new technology and industry standards-topics that impact you the most.

Please contact me at loriag@bnpmedia if you have any thoughts or ideas on how we can make FCI an even better resource for your continued success. Be sure to check out our great website, www.fcimag.com. We have a highly-active bulletin board that thousands of your fellow industry workers use regularly. It's a great place to learn and share information and get answers to tough problems you encounter on a daily basis.

As the new publisher of Floor Covering Installer magazine, I truly look forward to working with you in producing the most informative magazine in the industry. We should have the opportunity to meet at many of the upcoming industry conventions and seminars. Together, we can continue to grow. You, in your business; and FCI as the main forum for new and innovative ideas in this challenging and ever-changing field .