When backerboard was first introduced for flooring applications, installers only had the option of a 1/2" cement board. That is, until 1990, when James Hardie revolutionized backerboard installation by bringing to market a 1/4" cement board with over twice the compressive and flexural strength of competitor 1/2" boards .

(Hardibacker® 1/4" actually provides more strength than any 1/2" cement board on the market). Since then, Hardibacker 1/4" board has become the best selling 1/4" board on the market and the trusted choice for do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that our 1/4" board is an ideal product for floors. There's still a misconception that a thicker board is needed for floor tile applications, which simply isn't the case. Sure, there may be instances that require the additional height of a 1/2" board for transition purposes, but in most cases, Hardibacker 1/4" board is a better choice.

Hardibacker 1/4" board is composed of Portland cement, sand, and selected additives, and offers exclusive Moldblock™ Protection. In fact, all Hardibacker products pass both industry mold tests-ASTM G21 and D3273- with a perfect score. In addition to delivering superior moisture and mold resistance, it's also easy to install. It's the lightest 1/4" cement board on the market and cuts easily with a scoring or utility knife- just score and snap upwards. Hardibacker board cuts cleanly and doesn't contain any abrasive aggregate or glass mesh that you'll find in other cement boards.

Hardibacker 1/4" Cement Board with Moldblock Protection is available in two sizes- 3'x 5'and 4'x 8'. The 3'x 5' size comes with an "EZ Grid" recessed fastener pattern for even quicker and easier installation.

If you're currently using 1/2" cement board for flooring applications, consider Hardibacker 1/4" board for your next project. It's easier to install and will provide a superior bonding surface, so your tile looks beautiful and stays that way. Protect your reputation and help avoid costly call-backs with Hardibacker products. Manufactured by James Hardie Building Products, Hardibacker board remains the trusted product of choice for all interior floor and wall applications.

For additional product information, please contact us at 1-800-9HARDIE (1-800-942-7343) or visit www.hardibacker.com.