"I happen to be speaking with the guys at the mall today on a tile floor issue. I was in their café and the tile floor was unappetizingly dirty! I asked them what they did to clean it. They told me they use a rotary brush every night, but it never does much good. (This was very apparent.) I said to them, ‘What if I told you I can get the floors in the café looking new again?' After I explained the process to him and the price, His comment was ‘When can you start?' Every place I look now I see dollar signs"

Did you know that 8 out of every10 new homes are constructed with tile floors and that 75% of the remodeled homes install tile flooring? Imagine these numbers with all the commercial businesses that are out there, someone is going to ‘clean up' cleaning all of these hard surfaces.

Here at Clean Force International we are the innovators of tile and grout restoration system, inventing and patenting the very first restoration system utilizing an extractor, we have designed and improved our tools and power units over the past few years to make our turn key system the most user-friendly and profitable restoration system in the world! The most exciting aspect of this business is that it is reminiscent of the carpet cleaning boom that started exploding in the late 70's and early 80's. Now our end-users have the opportunity to capitalize on this technology at the beginning stages. Virtually everyone you know, every place you eat, and every place you shop has a hard surface that you could be cleaning and restoring.

CFI restoration system will allow you to clean 500 to 1,000 sq. ft. per hour. National average price per sq. ft. is $.35 to $1.00, that adds up to unlimited earning potential.

We have several different turn key packages with number of different financing and leasing options to help you get started. Each package includes everything you will need to "hit the ground running" with a realistic opportunity to earn a 6-figure income your first year in business. Besides our patented equipment & technology that makes cleaning tile and grout a breeze, CFI provides you with a comprehensive training program plus that best marketing & technical support available, without the on going franchise fees.

At CFI "our #1 goal is to help you succeed and we feel our training & support programs compliment the sincerity of this goal."

For more information on our business opportunity call 866-932-5353 or visit our website at www.cleanforceintl.com.